Multistratigraphy of condensed ammonoid beds of the Rappoltstein (Berchtesgaden, southern Germany): unravelling palaeoenvironmental conditions on ‘Hallstatt deep
swells’ during the Reingraben Event (Late Lower Carnian)


Two new sites of condensed Hallstatt Red Limestones were found in the Rappoltstein mountain range near Berchtesgaden (SE Bavaria). Conodont and ammonoid assemblages allowed for a concise age-dating
of the lower two of seven already described Hallstatt ammonoid horizons as latest Ladinian to Lower Carnian
(Upper Triassic). Biostratigraphy, microfacies analysis and stratigraphic cross-correlation of other Hallstatt
sites allowed the documentation of the Late Lower Carnian ‘Reingraben Event’ within a mixed allochthonous–
autochthonous carbonaceous lithofacies at the Rappoltstein, and gave further insights into the special
architecture of the so-called ‘Hallstatt deep swells’ and the Hallstatt Basin. d18Ophos of conodont apatite was
measured in order to reconstruct marine palaeotemperatures. The reconstructed low seawater temperatures
may be at least due to different palaeoclimatic scenarios that could have preceded the ‘Carnian Crisis’.


published in: Facies 53: 00-000, doi: 10.1007/s10347-006-0101-1; Erlangen