NÜTZEL, A. & HORNUNG, T. (2002)

Katosira undulata (Benz) aus dem Lias Frankens und eine Gastropoden-Assoziation des oberen Pliensbachiums

Katosira undulata (Benz) from the Lower Jurassic of Franconia and a Gastropod-Association of the
Upper Pliensbachian




The characteristic caenogastropd species Katosira undulata is reported from the Liassic (Upper Pliensbachium, Domerian) of Franconia (Southern Germany). This represents the first certain occurence of this species in this area. Shales from the Upper Pliensbachium of Franconia contain a rich gastropod fauna. A characteristic gastropd association is recognized and named after its most abundant representatives: Levipleura blainvillei - Kalchreuthia frankei - Cylindrobullina domeria - Gastropod-Assemblage). Generally, these frequent gastropods are small (less than 10 mm). In contrast, the rare species Katosira undulata is relatively large.


published in: Geol. Bl. NO-Bayern 52, 1-4: 63-68, Erlangen