HORNUNG, T. (2005)

Das Karnische Ereignis der Halleiner Salzberg-Fazies (distale Hallstatt-Fazies): biostratigraphische Daten

The Carnian Event in the Salzberg facies of Hallein (distal Hallstatt facies belt) - biostratigraphical datasets



For the first time, two outcrops near Bad Dürrnberg (2 km SSW' Hallein / Salzkammergut, Austria) allowed a continuous biostratigraphical investigation of the Reingraben Turnover in the Hallstatt facies belt (epicontinental basin).
Due to the poor outcrop-situation of continuous Carnian successions in the Salzkammergut area, this turnover, comparable to the northern alpine Raibl Event in the shallow marginal-marine facies, was treated only by few authors. Though, the Carnian deposits of the Hallstatt basin should provide more complete sequences as coevally deposited shelf sediments which exhibited stratigraphical gaps. The biostratigraphical correlations were assessed by conodont faunas - ammonite findings lacked completely: several conodont associations were found and led to a biostratigraphical stratification of the sections and were, therefore, important for the temporal fixation of the lithological turnovers (Julian 1/IIc - Julian 2/II).

Keywords: Western Tethys; Northern Calcareous Alps; Hallstatt facies belt; Reingraben Turnover; Biostratigraphy


published in: Geol.Alp 3: 9-21, Innsbruck